Class Descriptions

Our classes are designed for all fitness levels. We want maximum participation; therefore, all our instructors are qualified and capable to modify, regress and progress exercises where needed to accommodate for you to get the most of your workout.

Active Adults - #longevity #alllevels #technique #fullbody

A well-rounded class with considerations taken to encourage movement no matter the injury, age or experience level. A class to promote inclusivity, exercises are designed to build a strong foundation by focusing on technique, balance, and muscle recruitment.

Bar HC #strength - #weights #power #burn

Using weighted equipment such as a barbell, plates, and dumbbells. This class is designed to hit your strength goals focusing on working out the major muscle groups. A classic in all group fitness classes for a very good reason, in our Bar HC class you will build strength and endurance in your whole body!

Booty Barre - #ballet #barre #legburner #mobility

This speciality class brings elements of ballet and dance to the group fitness studio. Using a barre bar you will be balancing, pointing toes and gracefully moving through series which challenge not only the booty were working hard to build but your legs, core and arms as well.

Box Fit - #combos #punching #fitness #intensity

A fun filled class building a new skill and your fitness! Box Fit takes elements from the boxing world and incorporates into a HIIT style workout. Expect to be throwing combos and catching punches on pads, although there is some coordination involved, all fitness levels are encouraged to try our Box Fit classes!

Cardio Core - #intervals #circuits #abs #varitey

A dynamic class focusing on elevating your heart rate with a focus on burning your core! A great combination of cardio exercises that bring you into the fat burning zone with a mix of abdominal exercises that will test your core. Class structure will vary from trainer to trainer which keeps your body guessing. No comfort zones here!

Cycle & Cycle XP- #quads #cardio #lowimpact #spin

This cardio workout includes good music, good vibes and gives you good legs! Tone your quads and hamstrings on the various hill climbs and sprints that keep you engaged and spinning. Our bikes are fully adjustable, easy to add resistance to and for those who have cycled before knowing how important this is, comfortable seats! Majority of our cycle classes are designed to meet your cardio needs in a 30min express style

Club Fiesta/Dance Fit- #fun #inclusive #cardio #music

Club Fiesta is a fantastic specialty class offered at Fitness HC. With exclusive Club Fiesta training, our instructors take you through a workout that doesn’t feel like you’re working out! Great dance moves designed to give you a full body workout, great music to keep you moving and great energy that will guarantee to have you smiling the whole time!

HIIT & HIIT XP- #maxHR #sweat #fullbody #cardio

Conditioning should be a part of a well-rounded gym routine, HIIT is designed to HIT your cardio needs- standing for Hight Intensity Interval Training. Be prepared to challenge yourself, using a variety of equipment such as slam balls, kettlebells, and resistance bands this full body workout will boost your fitness. This class comes in an express 30min blast too! Don’t worry, cardio is relative and our instructors provide plenty of regressions/progressions based off your needs.

Mat Pilates- #core #balance #tone #lowimpact

Taking all the principles of Pilates to the mat. This class will have you burning and balancing at the same time. Focusing on stability and core, Mat Pilates is a great class that guarantees a challenge no matter the level.

Reformer- #balance #tone #lowimpact #sculpt

Reformer Pilates is our most popular class for a reason. Our high-quality instructors bring their knowledge into the class with high level of attention to form, posture and technique. Suitable for all levels, our instructors can progress or regress exercises to suit all needs and challenge you. Speak to reception about upgrading your membership to include Reformer Pilates today. It is a health and safety requirement that grip socks must be worn to this class, which can be purchased at reception.

Reformer Cardio- #sweat #burn #alllevels #challenge

Reformer Pilates with a twist! Make the most of your reformer Pilates workout by elevating your heart rate, burning more calories, and building your cardiovascular fitness. Our qualified instructors up the intensity of your usual reformer workout by adding elements of faster movements, jump boards and full body sequences. It is a health and safety requirement that grip socks must be worn to this class, which can be purchased at reception.

Yoga- #calm #stretch #recover #flexibility

Focusing on flexibility and calming the mind. Yoga includes movements, poses, and sequences that improve your balance, muscle soreness and recovery. Great class for those who just want to touch their toes but also with more advance options for those who want to be yogi superstars.


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